Hatchimal Pixies

Hatchimals Pixies

Discover the magic of Hatchimals Pixies - Collectible Dolls
that hatch to life when you gently crack them open.

Inside these large beautiful eggs is a magical Pixie with
fluttery glitter wings, stylish outfits, pose-able heads and
surprise accessories waiting to come to life.

Each Pixie comes in an egg. After you reveal your Pixie the 
egg turns into a spinning dance floor. 
Each Pixie comes with three accessories and 
their own unique decorations.
As you crack open the eggs you'll find a display
stand and themed Pixie bed and you can store your
Pixies accessories in the bottom of the eggs.

Select the 2-Pack of your choice from Crystal Canyon,
Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering
Garden to start your collection.

Hatchimals Pixies! 

A Guaranteed BIG HIT this coming Christmas  
Each Pixie is covered in Glitter and is adorable.

Hatchimals Pixies will be available later in 2019 and 
are expected to sell for $10 Each. 

Sure to be  BIG HIT when the Holidays come around. 
Hatchimals Pixies!